About the Academy

Steps to the Academy


Step 1

Obtain a State of Florida Employment Application

Step 2

Mail or electronically submit your application to:

Florida Highway Patrol
Chief Background Investigator
2900 Apalachee Parkway, MS 49
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Step 3

The Chief Background Investigator mails all applicants a letter detailing the status of their application.

Step 4

Applicants who meet minimum qualifications are scheduled for pre-employment testing. They are mailed a Supplemental Law Enforcement Application

Step 5

Applicants take the written Florida Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT) and Physical Abilities Test (PAT).

Step 6

The Chief Background Investigator reviews the Supplemental Applications. A Credit Check is conducted.

Step 7

Polygraph Exam

Step 8

Psychological Screening

Step 9

Medical & Vision Exams

Step 10

Background Investigation

Step 11

The Colonel reviews the applicants and makes an employment decision.

Step 12

Applicants are offered employment and attend the Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy.